Hotel Helix

helix_logoTagline: Your 15 Minutes

Bar tagline: A world gone fabulous.

Positioning Statement: Everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, or at least feel like it the moment they step in the doors of the latest pop art sensation, Hotel Helix. High style blended with popular pleasures to form a work of art that elevates the guest experience to something worthy of a museum.

Brand Story:
“Everything is beautiful. Pop is everything.” — Andy Warhol

In the center of DC, you are the center of the universe. There is nothing more important than you at Helix. It’s appealing to everyone, but feels as if it’s designed just for you. From high class to lowbrow, everything here is designed to turn your head. Welcome to the newest pop sensation, The Hotel Helix in Washington DC.

Strobing lights greet you as you make your grand entrance. But you’re familiar with that sort of treatment from your adoring public and the demanding paparazzi, or at least you’re not going to give anyone around a reason to think otherwise as you stroll into center stage to check-in.

Look around. You’ve walked out of the real world and into the hottest spread from this month’s Surface.

Bouncy tunes, a lavish chandelier held up with a construction wench and sumptuous furniture occupied by stylish tourists all compete for your attention. Strut down the black and white runway hallway to the elevator and ride up to your personal pad.

A collage of anything and everything to make you at home, we’ll put you on a multicolored pedestal complete with cozy furniture and a private bed nook to facilitate your escape from the outside world when the pressures of fame are too much to bear. But when you’re ready to make your presence known, put in a guest appearance at the Helix Lounge, a chameleon-like cafe that changes to suit your mood and makes the perfect backdrop for your brilliance. Where better to be discovered than sipping a glowing cocktail perched on a sleek stool?

Nothing is common and everyday, even those things you see every day. If a can of soup can be a work of art, so can a pillow, a nightlight or a bottle of bubble bath. Brightly colored and bursting with energy and sound, the guest experience at Helix is more than a stay, it’s a true work of pop art.

From the threshold to your pillow and all points in between, The Helix is your fifteen minutes of fame. Enjoy it while it lasts.

If Hotel Helix were…

  • If it were a work of art, it would be a piece by Roy Liechtenstein.
  • If it were a piece of literature, it would be the Cosmo Quiz.
  • If it were a celebrity, it would be Andy Warhol.
  • If it were a drink, it would be Yoo-hoo and DiSarno amaretto served in a colored tumbler.
  • If it were a vehicle, it would be a mustard-colored Mini Cooper.
  • If it had an arch nemesis, it would be the paparazzi.