Yesterday’s TV of tomorrow had a really cool name.


All the web you want to see on your TV needed a name that set it apart from the mice, keyboards, webcams and remote controls Logitech was known for. A name that screamed entertainment – and was ready to go global.

I lead the effort, created the name, and did the sell in to everyone: the CEO and board, the Swiss engineers and the Google marketing team.

I also built the nomenclature for the accessories and helped Google build criteria for the use of the Google TV brand.

Making Coors slightly hipper

Coors boxShort copy: Brewed with natural ingredients and Rocky Mountain water to create a legendary, full-flavored taste that’s worth seeking out.

Body Copy: What drives a man to stash and transport Coors in his suitcase, car or official jet? How could one beer inspire such extremes? It began when the quest for the perfect brewing water led a 26-year-old brewmaster to the heart of the Rocky Mountains. His resulting Banquet brew ignited a legendary Coors obsession among enlightened beer drinkers that lasts to this day. Sure, it’s easy to love, but it wasn’t always easy to get. Savor how good you’ve got it. You’ve got a Coors in your hand.

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