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How do you make blackout dates an emotional difference?
How do you tap business travelers in the heart when they’re on the road?

Her Love Has No Blackout Dates
Print ad
Paradise Doesn't Worry About Blackout Dates
Print Ad
Fun Doesn't Have Blackout Dates
Airport Out-Of-Home

You're Not Looking For Blackout Dates
So Hilton Hhonors doesn't have blackout dates
Points + Miles + No Blackout Dates

Art Director: Gaston Yagmourian
Creative Director: Christopher Lehmann
Web/Motion: Jeremy Fortes

Making inspiration practical

You don't have to get it to love it

People who love art museums love art museums. People who don’t go to art museums often think of them as stuffy, irrelevant, or don’t know how to interact with them.

This campaign sought to stretch nonprofit marketing dollars with an unexpected tone that fit the ad placements, all outside of your traditional arts & culture section of the paper.

It’s not enough to say “we’ll spoil you” to jaded film crews – you’ve got to prove it

The Serrano Hotel was a boutique hotel that had a good reputation for supporting film crews shooting in San Francisco and wanted to focus on that lucrative repeat business by emphasizing how they went above and beyond for them.

Ran in "Variety"
Ran in “Variety”

Ran in the LA Times
Ran in the LA Times

Slated to run in the New York Times anniversary edition (cancelled due to the events of 9/11/2001)
Slated to run in the New York Times anniversary edition (cancelled due to the events of 9/11/2001)


Art Director: Janny Yang

Creative Director: John Marin


When a last ditch effort becomes a huge success

The Pacific Palisades Hotel needed a severe boost to occupancy. They had a small marketing budget and were surrounded by big chains that had much more brand recognition. So we looked at what we could do for them. We opportunistically bought cheap, last minute ad space in the local newspapers left over when other advertisers canceled. We wrote ads that were designed to get attention by speaking to the competition, the context and pushing an edgy personality that none of the other hotels could copy in order to draw in the younger, hipper tourist. The results? An unheard of 80% boost in occupancy – and a campaign that got talked about throughout the city.

Pacific Palisades


Ran on Friday the 13th
Ran on Friday the 13th

Creative Director: Dan Elmslie

Art Director: John Marin


Magazine ad
Magazine ad

Art Director: Ksenya Faenova
Creative Director: John Marin

I’ve gotten lots of reaction from ads I’ve done, but the note in which someone asked for a copy of this ad to frame as a gift for her husband for Christmas was likely my favorite.