Magazine ad
Magazine ad

Art Director: Ksenya Faenova
Creative Director: John Marin

I’ve gotten lots of reaction from ads I’ve done, but the note in which someone asked for a copy of this ad to frame as a gift for her husband for Christmas was likely my favorite.

Lipton Indooritis

Front page

Beavergram Quiz

We created a microsite to support viral videos we had yet to see. Working with the creative brief “Lipton tea can cure Indooritis” and some yet-to-be-completed viral videos, we developed a fake scientist/doctor and an activist organization (with Lipton as a clear endorser). The site included the quiz to see what kind of indooritis sufferer you were, a ’50s-style educational video, and the ability to send a friend an intervention email from the fake mascot – Betrand the beaver.

Art Director: Mike Zientara

Designer: Craig Weber

Making Coors relevant

Coors boxShort copy: Brewed with natural ingredients and Rocky Mountain water to create a legendary, full-flavored taste that’s worth seeking out.

Body Copy: What drives a man to stash a transport Coors in his suitcase, car or official jet? How could one beer inspire such extremes? It began when the quest for the perfect brewing water led a 26-year-old brew master to the heart of the Rocky Mountains. His resulting Banquet brew ignited a legendary Coors obsession among enlightened beer drinkers that lasts to this day. Sure, it’s easy to love, but it wasn’t always easy to get. Savor how good you’ve got it. You’ve got a Coors in your hand.

Discover the legend at

Hotel Madera – proposed positioning

MaderaClient: Kimpton Hotel Group

Property: Madera (proposed positioning and identity)

Tagline: Between Destination and Destiny.

Positioning Statement: Mysterious, dark and a little bit sexy, Madera captures the classic masculinity, bold style and hard-boiled flair of a film noir detective picture.

Brand Story: In the city of Washington DC, there are many hotels. Each of them with a story to tell. But none so compelling as the story of Madera.

At Madera, the men are men and the women are irresistible vixens with a gun in their fishnets. The smell of rain on pavement hangs in the air almost as heavily as the style in the atmosphere. Sipping Scotch on the rocks, guests stare from sleek, cozy rooms out at the bustling metro of downtown DC below. This is the Hotel Madera.

Film Noir at heart, the play of light and shadow, style and substance and relaxation and seduction are designed to captivate and enrapture the traveler looking for a metro getaway.

Waking up below the dark wooden headboard into the sleek, confident room, guests wake in the sultry atmosphere of film noir. Understated style coupled with the finest amenities and adornments give every modern-day Sam Spade a space any gumshoe would envy and any femme fatale would want to stop by for a drink.

At the door, there’s a knock. Destiny calling? Or just the coffee press and morning paper brought every morning to kick-start the day. A grapefruit and a French roast — the perfect accompaniment for thumbing through the paper looking for leads, events and the occasional crossword. Slipping into polished shoes and gray trench coats, guests prepare to leave their sanctuary from the city bustle and enjoy the town all around.

Rich, textured hallways lead to the elevator. An attendant waits, addressing each guest by name. This is more than an elevator operator. This man in the red and gold coat acts as casual concierge, giving directions, tips and gossip on the ride down to the lobby and back again.

Narrow lobby leads to street. The front desk attendant hands over a message — she’s not a clerk, she’s every guest’s personal assistant. Ready with a smile, a switchboard and a message pad, she makes every day go a little smoother from behind her swank desk.

Guests step from the front door from their film noir existence to arrive in the center of the capital city. Sound a little too upbeat for film noir? Well, in a way, there are no happy endings at Madera. After all, everyone will eventually have to check out.

If Hotel Madera were…

  • If it were a person, it would be Humphrey Bogart.
  • If it were a piece of literature, it would be a paperback copy of “Get Shorty”
  • If it were a film, it would be LA Confidential.
  • If it had a girlfriend, she would be a blond vixen femme fatale with an up-do.
  • If it were a fictional character, it would be Sam Spade.
  • If it were directed in Hollywood, Howard Hawks would make it.
  • If it were a vehicle, it would be dark gray 1948 Packard.
  • If it were a work of art, it would be the Maltese falcon.

Microsoft Office

Believe in Office
Partner customizable ad

Headline: Believe in Office

Body Copy: Add a dash of productive magic this season and save up to 25% on Office 2004 for Mac

We can’t legally tell you that there are elves who will do all the tough stuff for you inside every box. But when you load Office onto your Mac and see what it can do for you–from creating beautiful documents and compelling presentations to managing and sharing your information–it’s hard to believe there isn’t a little bit of magic going on in there. With up to 25% off there never been a better time to believe.

Note: The line “Believe in Office” was also used in online advertising, on t-shirts, point-of-purchase displays, mugs, pencils – basically anywhere they could think to put it (although of course it’s getting the line about the elves through MS legal that I’m most proud of actually).

Creative Director: Christopher Lehmann

Hilton Hhonors

How do you make blackout dates an emotional difference?
How do you tap business travelers in the heart when they’re on the road?

Her Love Has No Blackout Dates
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Paradise Doesn't Worry About Blackout Dates
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Fun Doesn't Have Blackout Dates
Airport Out-Of-Home

You're Not Looking For Blackout Dates
So Hilton Hhonors doesn't have blackout dates
Points + Miles + No Blackout Dates

Art Director: Gaston Yagmourian
Creative Director: Christopher Lehmann
Web/Motion: Jeremy Fortes